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The E-Payment Gateway (PG) provides the operational component of the E-Commerce infrastructure of Government e-Services with full facilities for secure online payments by Credit cards. Operational since November 2013, after having satisfied rigorous test and proved to be secure and resilient, the e-Payment platform has increased the adoption of e-services along with electronic payments, particularly Internet-enabled payments which are easy and efficient.

It constitutes a generic E-Payment solution that enable the integration of other services as and when ready for online payment.

• Operate as a critical shared service within the E-Governance architecture along with Government e-services portal.

• Enables efficient electronic transactions in the country and simplify the processing of payment transactions for electronic services within the country.

• Accept most local/international credit cards including Visa and MasterCard.

• Provides a cost effective and complete payment solution for ministries with computerized revenue collection systems, backed by operational and technical support and hence reduce administrative costs.