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E-Government Initiatives
In its endeavour to develop Mauritius into a Cyber Island and to create an ICT-literate nation, the Government has clearly identified e-Government as a key initiative which can radically transform the way the Government interacts with citizens and businesses and redefine the nature of relationships across various Ministries and departments in providing seamless, consistent and value-added public s ervices. The vision of the Government is to provide an effective and efficient delivery of services, on a 24/7 basis, to citizens as well as to the business community. In this respect, the Government has invested in the necessary infrastructure, namely, the Government Online Centre and the Government Web Portal as a gateway to provide Government services online. E-Government consists in the electronic delivery of quality services to citizens and the business community whilst at the same time facilitating inter-governmental and intra-governmental exchange of information in an effective and efficient manner.

Digital Government

“Cabinet has taken note that the Ministry of Information Technology, Communication and Innovation has finalised the Digital Mauritius 2030 Strategic Plan and the Digital Government Transformation Strategy 2018-2022. […] The Digital Government Transformation Strategy 2018-2022 provides directions for a digital Government, aligned with Vision 2030, the Public Sector Business Transformation Strategy and the Digital Mauritius 2030 Strategic Plan. The Strategy sets the course for accelerated public sector digitisation efforts to enhance operational effectiveness and efficiency and to provide better service to citizens. It also lays emphasis on the importance of data usage to support Government machinery, optimize and transform service delivery and achieving large-scale business optimization whilst improving effectiveness.” Source: Cabinet Decision 07 Dec 2018