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The Government Web Portal (http://www.govmu.org) is the gateway to access applications online through the main portal as well as one of its sub-portals, the Citizen Portal. This eServices section enables the submission of online applications, the receipt of online acknowledgements and the online tracking of status of applications, amongst others.

Among the services integrated in the citizen portal, the eServices represent the main component whereby the citizen may interact with the Government anytime, anywhere and in real-time.

All online transactions are encrypted and secured. In order to make use of the eServices, applicants need to register online. As a step to foster online citizen to government interactions, eServices have been developed and are available to citizens. These eServices allow citizens to carry out a number of government online applications without any physical displacement while at the same time, having a larger impact in terms of both volume of transactions and functionality.

The eServices provide the necessary line of sight and linkage to ensure the efficient and effective application of ICT and e-Government. The eServices also contributes to the vision of the Government of Mauritius through an effective delivery of public services through the deployment of e-Government and ICT. Moreover, to strengthen ICT as a 3rd pillar of the economy, the strategy of putting a number of eServices online through the Government Portal supports business development and is an important step in the ultimate goal to provide a hassle-free, easily accessible single point of contact for all information and services required by both potential and existing members of Mauritius business community.